Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today’s Dreamers, Tomorrows Doctors: University of Washington School of Medicine Now Accepting Undocumented Students

Contact: Ray Corona 

September 23, 2014

SEATTLE, WA- In a letter released this week, the University of Washington School Medicine announced that it would begin accepting application from undocumented students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

This is an enormous triumph for undocumented students in Washington who earlier this year won the right to apply for the State Need Grant through passage of the Washington State Dream Act/REAL Hope Act.

Luis Ruben, a DACAmented Dreamer, UW undergraduate student, and leader with the Washington Dream Act Coalition issued the following statement:

“The University Of Washington School Of Medicine’s decision to allow individuals with DACA status like myself to apply for admission is a tremendous victory for our community. My dream has always been to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. With this recent change, I won’t have to leave my community or state to do so. Although, the cost to attend might be a barrier since I do not qualify for FAFSA or student loans, I am determined to find a way to attend the UWSOM. I’ve never been prouder to be a Husky!”

The Washington Dream Act Coalition highly commends the University of Washington School Of Medicine for their decision, encourages other institutions to follow their lead, and will continue advocating for the educational equity of undocumented students in Washington State and across the nation.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dreamers in Washington Outraged by President Obama’s Delay of Executive Action

For Immediate Release
Ray Corona
September 9th, 2014

SEATTLE, WA –Over the weekend, President Obama announced he would delay any executive action on immigration until after the mid-term elections. 

Dreamers in Washington State were disappointed and outraged to find that, once again, relief for their families was pushed aside in favor of political convenience. With the Obama administration deporting an estimated 1,100 people per day, more than 70,000 undocumented individuals, including undocumented Washingtonians, will be deported by the November elections.

Moses Chege, Director of Policy & Advocacy for Washington Dream Act Coalition, gave this response:

“Where is the fierce urgency of now? Earlier this spring, I sat across the table from President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, to deliver recommendations for the administration review of deportation procedures and a clear message that ‘We can’t wait’. Several weeks later, the President announced he would delay the review.

At that same time, Dreamers in Washington garnered support for executive action on immigration from nearly every Democratic member of Congress in Washington State. I along with Dreamers in Washington State continue to send the message of ‘We can’t wait.’ to the Obama Administration.

We can’t wait for uncompromising Republicans in Congress. We can’t wait for politically insecure Democrats running for office. We Can’t Wait! Every delay to take action in the future is only a promise to deport in the present.”

Karen Fierro Ruiz, a leader with Washington Dream Act Coalition in Spokane, issued the following response:

“I’m disappointed that once again we are being put on the back burner. Without administrative relief, our families will continue to live in fear of deportation from the communities they contribute to everyday. We don’t need time, we need action. We don’t need political accommodation, we need political courage."


Monday, August 25, 2014

Update on the Washington State DREAM Act or Real Hope Act as it is more formally known. 
In the meanwhile, some schools have already sent out award letters to students. Be sure to like us on Facebook and tell us where you will be attending this fall.

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